Out in the Park postponed until further notice!

We are really sorry to break the bad news again, but under careful and long consideration we have to cancel Out in the Park including the Love Parade. The weather makes it difficult and the wind too strong to hold a safe Fair and we already had gazibos flying around during set-up. Please, understand that this decision is not easy and we have to take a lot of things in consideration. We are in negotiation with Wellington City Council about postponing it to March and will let you know asap!

We’re pulling together a great day out in the sun for everyone. If you want to join a fun and friendly bunch of volunteers to help plan Out in the Park, get in touch now.

And a huge thanks to our awesome sponsors and all the volunteers who help make the Fair happen each year!

History of the Fair

Out in the Park is Wellington‘s famous queer fair. It’s an annual event that has been running since 1986.

The Fair moved to Waitangi Park in 2015. It features more than 60 stalls selling anything from clothing to jewelry to crafts to books to toys to electronics, and everything inbetween. You can also pick up a bite to eat with scrumptious food available, delicious drinks, and much more.

It's famous for its free entertainment, with talented local singers, drag queens and kings, comedians, and circus performers on stage for your enjoyment.

Historically the Gay and Lesbian Fair was set up to raise awareness about homosexuality and to build support for Homosexual Law Reform, which was then before the New Zealand Parliament. Today we support all communities to come together and celebrate our diversity being visible in a fun, friendly, and open manner – it’s still important.

Want to get involved?